Totara gives life to growth

Totara is a unique tree from New Zealand that can grow more than 50 meters high, 13 meter in profile en fulfils many functions for the local Maori people. In the top of this tree is a little wonder and there do grow 30 different plants.
This growth is what I want to offer to people I work with.

The intensity of life is what I experienced to the max during my business trips to India, South Africa, Surinam, Russia, USA and Australia. And I do feel at home. My life is filled with inspiring projects, nice people and full of ambitions that follow up each other in a fast speed. This brings me innovation of myself and also for the people I may work with.

That is the reason that both are central in this website:

"Gives LIFE ..." (photos of Sydney, New York, Moscow, Surinam, South Africa and India) "... to GROWTH" (photo’s Totara).

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