Claudia Hopman

Claudia Hopman, founder and director of TOTARA Ltd. and TOTARA Productions Ltd.
Claudia Hopman, founder and president of Global Women Leadership Foundation.


TOTARA gives life to growth. Growth for people, leaders and their teams for a better future in the broadest sense of the word. TOTARA integrates traditional ways of working with the magic of life and the 6th sense in business.
I belief in the approach of gaining conscious and unconscious insights, breakthrough patterns and connect thinking with feeling. And with this approach I realise sustainable development for people.


Claudia Hopman has founded the company TOTARA after a twelve-year career at KPN and MARS. Pioneering, creative renovation, social innovation and building better results are what characterize her. She develops herself and TOTARA to the next level through her way of working. Make choices – do not be afraid, work great, push your limits, be true to yourself, feel and make choices, go on, do not be afraid, work great...

United Nations & European Commission

UN - Claudia is herself member of NGO CSW a consultative committee to UN Women, since Nov 2012
UN - TOTARA is registred and accepted as a civl society organization by UN women, since Nov 2012
UN - Claudia is working together with UN Partnerships, since May 2013
EU - Claudia participated in debates of European Commission about New European Economic Agenda, April/June 2013
EU - Claudia wrote an article 'New Leaders for New Europe' which is publised in a EU book, Oct 2013
WEF - Nominated by World Economic Forum (WEF) - Global Agenda Council for Women, 2014
UN - Claudia participated in U ECE conferentie in Swizerland and chair of the UN Roundtable 'Women in Power en Decison Making', november 2014
UN - Claudia is related to UN WRP regarding New Sustainable Development Goals, 2015


Book (incl. dvd) | Global Women Leadership

Global Women Leadership is based on interviews with women leaders in international organisations in the 6 regions of our world.. The women leaders are inspiring and succesful and contribute to the development of New Leadership.
You can order this book for 39,95 euro and you will receive a signed version.
Please contact Claudia.

De Vlinder

Book | The Butterfly

The Butterfly is written in 1999 (in Dutch) and describes a world getting white after many gray and is based on personal lessons in life.
You can order this book for 15,00 euro.
Please contact Claudia or order direct via ISBN nr 9789059740556.

De Vlinder

Cards | Essence of emotions

Emotions can speed up or limit people. Discover how this works for you and others. Learn more about effective impact of emotions. These cards are based on EFT and meant to work with emotions for both individuals and teams.
You can order these cards (in Dutch) for 15,00 euro.
Please contact Claudia.

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