Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light and not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves:
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
From the inaugural address of Nelson Mandela, to Marianne Williamson´s book Return to Love

Claudia likes to work with you to develop your leadership and mastery for a better future in the broadest sense of the word.

Global Woman Leadership (GWL)

Claudia is making a worldtour. She is visiting one country per region and all the six regions around the world. During those visits she is having interviews with women leaders. The objective is searching for insights and understanding of women leadership. More information can be read in the attachement at the bottom of this page. For an English version please contact Claudia. 

- April 2014: Australia Sydney
- March 2013: USA New York
- November 2012: Russia Moscow
- March 2012: Suriname Paramaribo
- October 2011: South Africa Cape Town
- India 2011: India Hyderabad

Book (incl. dvd) | € 39,95
All GWL productions are developed and produced by TOTARA Productions Ltd. 

You can order the book by sending an email to  Claudia
You can view the the book via

All GWL productions are developed and produced by TOTARA Productions Ltd. 

At this moment the following film formats are work in progress.
* 4 min film for speaking about my GWL experiences (mini-docu-film halfway the worldtour)
* 15 min film for DVD for in the book
* 50 min film for TV broadcast (both NL and International)
* 90 min film for Film Festivals and Cinema

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Talks & Presentations  
All GWL productions are developed and produced by TOTARA Productions Ltd. 

Claudia is key note speaker with her Talks and Presentations at several conferences and symposia.
09-2015 : Rabobank Women
06-2015 : Amplify Festival New Zealand - AMP
06-2015 : Amplify Festival Sydney - AMP
03-2015 : Ladies Career Night - Studium Generale TU/e
01-2015 : Vrijmetselaars Loge Quintessens
01-2015 : Zonta - Sociëtiet Amicitia De Zwarte Arend
11-2014 : GWL Book & Film Premiere - Theater aan de Parade Den Bosch
11-2014 : UN ECE Conference (ECE is Economic Commission for Europe), Switzerland
10-2014 : Trade Mission - Dutch Embassy & Ned. Export Combinatie - Africa Works
10-2014 : Interview Journal - Women Leadership for City Renewal (reach 160.000-480.000)
10-2014 : Tweetalig VWO - IB, Elde College
07-2014 : IFAC Global Knowledge Center
06-2014 : ICAC, Caribbean Conference for Accountancy in Suriname
05-2014 : CEO-in-Music Event, AFAS Theater in Leusden
03-2014 : Avans Hogeschool - Symposium New Leadership, Avans Hogeschool in Breda
12-2013 : NCD Nederlandse Commissarissen en Directeurs/DGA's - CHANGE-in-Business Event, Leidschendam 
12-2013 : VVAO - Film festival
12-2013 : LegalWomen, HQ ABN AMRO in Amsterdam
11-2013 : DWIRE - Dutch Women in Real Estate, in Nieuwegein
09-2013 : Russian President's Programma (post MBA), in Scheveningen
06-2013 : SNO Schijndels Netwerk voor Ondernemers, in Schijndel
06-2013 : NVR Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad, in City Hall in Eindhoven
04-2013 : IGC Industrieele Groote Club, IGC in Amsterdam
01-2013 : NVD Nederlandse Vereniging Directiesecretaressen, Castle in Heeswijk
09-2012 : DIVA Dynamische en Inspirerende Vrouwen Associatie, in Vught

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In the Media
All GWL productions are developed and produced by TOTARA Productions Ltd. 

Claudia is author of several publications and herself in the media as guest speaker or being

10-2014 : Interview Brabants Dagblad about City Reneal and Women Leadership 
07-2014 : Publication IFAC Global Knowledge Centre for Accountants
04-2014 : Interview at SBS Radio in Sydney
11-2013 : Guest speaker at Radio SublimeFM Fresh Friday (reach 800.000 business)
10-2013 : Column in LOF Magazine (reach 60.000)
10-2013 : Artikel in Boek EU - New Leaders for New Europe (ltd edition)
10-2013 : Interview Claudia Hopman in Regional Journal (reach 160.000 - 488.000)

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GWL Productions
All GWL productions are developed and produced by TOTARA Productions Ltd.

Delivery 2014 - GWL Book
Plan - GWL Docu Film for Film Festivals (and cinema)
Plan - GWL Focu Film for TV broadcast (both NL and International)

Start 2013 - GWL Academy for Coaching and Training (about New Leadership)
Start 2014 - GWL Exchange Program (in collaboration with International Partnerships)
Start 2014 - GWL Change Tomorrow Today Program (in collaboration with United Nations)

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Leaders Wanted
In seven (Dutch spoken) TV series is writer and journalist Jeroen Smit looking for the essence of successful leadership in the 21rst century. His belief is that leadership from the last century will not be enough for the future.

Series 1: The female leader
Series 2: The controlling leader
Series 3: The born leader
Series 4: The boundless leader

Series 5: The responsible leader
Series 6: The interactive leader
Series 7: Leaders in balance

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